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30 set - Party Pack - Superhero Capes with Masks

30 set - Party Pack - Superhero Capes with Masks

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This listing is for 30 x Double Sided Superhero Capes with Felt Masks as shown!
DHL EXPRESS SHIPPING FOR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS !! Express Shipping available to all locations taking generally 5 business days.

a). If you select 'I want to choose', you may choose any capes from the cape list below. You will need to list your choices in the 'Notes to Seller' above.

b). If you select 'Choose for me' as your color selection, I will make a random assortment of colors for you.

Choose 30sets from the list below

No.1 = Superman (red on top & blue underneath)
No.2 = Captain America (blue on top & red underneath)
No.3 = Batman (black on top & yellow underneath)
No.4 = Spiderman (red on top & black underneath)
No.5 = Flash (red on top & yellow underneath)
No.6= Supergirl (pink on top & silver underneath)
No.7 = Robin (red on top & green underneath)
No.8 = Wonder Woman (red on top & blue underneath)
No.9 = Batgirl (black on top & fuschia underneath)
No.10 = Green Lantern (green on top & silver underneath)
No.11 = Spidergirl (Purple on top & pink underneath)
No.12 = Iron Man (Red on top & Yellow underneath)
No.13 = Hulk (Green on top & Purple underneath)
No.14 = Thor (Red on top & Black underneath)
No.15 = Superman (Blue on top & red underneath)
No.16 = Incredibles (Red top & Black underneath)

+++++++Star Wars ,Prince and Princess Capes+++++++
No.17 = Lion Shield (Blue on top & Red underneath)
No.18 = Cross Shield (Navy on top & Green underneath)
No.19 = Crown-1 (Purple on top & Silver underneath)
No.20 = Crown-2 (Light green top & Purple underneath)

No.21 = Yoda (Fuchsia on top & Light green underneath)
No.22 = Darth Vader (Navy on top & Green underneath)
No.23 = Chewbacca (Light green on top & Brown underneath)
No.24 = Storm Trooper (red on top & White underneath)

+++++++TMNT and Frozen Capes +++++++
No.25 = TMNT-1 (Green top & Blue underneath)
No.26 = TMNT-2 (Green top & Red underneath)
No.27 = TMNT-3 (Green top & Purple underneath)
No.28 = TMNT-4 (Green top & Orange underneath)
No.29 = TMNT-5 (Green top & Black underneath)

+++++++SNOW Capes +++++++
No.30 = Frozen-1  (Sky Blue top & Silver underneath)
No.32 = Frozen-3  (Purple on top & Silver underneath)
No.33 = Frozen-4  (Sky blue on top & Silver underneath)

+++++++ OTHERS +++++++
NO.51 = Transformers-yellow
NO.52 = Transformers-blue
NO.53 = Wolverine
NO.54 = DareDevil
NO.55 = Deadpool
NO.56 = Minnie
NO.57 = Mickey
NO.58 = Punisher

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Customer Reviews
30 set - Party Pack - Superhero Capes with Masks
Love this product, FAST shipping, great service! Thank you so much...
Customer Name: Charlotte
20 set - Party Pack - Kids Plain Capes with Masks
These are soo well put together! The elastic on the Masks are sewn on not stapled. Happy with quality! ..
Customer Name: Heidi
Batman cape with mask
The boys love them..I will order more...
Customer Name: Lucine
Batman cape with mask
Most amazing company ever needed for Christmas party ordered late I have bought hundreds of capes from this company always all there great quality fast !!! Ship! Answer back fast could not ask for more great prices ! Great quality! Fast shipping !!!..
Customer Name: Allison
Spiderman cape with mask
Really good quality! And arrived in less than a month. It does have an odd smell, but I'm sure it'll go away after airing it out. Overall, very pleased. ..
Customer Name: Jessica
Batman cape with mask
Received in just 1 week. Everything as described. Will definitely be ordering more. ..
Customer Name: Jacqueline